A New Year Plan

Christmas is over. It’s time to relax. Or is it? With New Year’s just days away there is one main thing a writer needs to do: make a writing plan.


I’m not much into making personal resolutions for each New Year. I start off well with the best of intentions, but then I kind of fizzle. It’s probably because I don’t write anything down.


So to prepare for another year I’m going to take some time to transcribe a writing plan for 2009. It won’t be anything too outlandish like writing a 10,000 page epic in a year. It will include some practical straightforward goals to help increase my visibility, encourage my creativity, and extend the passion for my projects to keep my vision fresh.


What writing plans do you have for the New Year of 2009?

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


6 responses to “A New Year Plan

  1. As I am writing out my writing goals for the week I realize a goal with a larger plan like you have suggested is important, too. Now is the ideal time to sit, pray, study and decide what God wants for me to work on this coming year. And, as you suggest–write it down. I’ll put it in a special notebook where I can either month by month or otherwise, keep track of how I’m doing.

    Happy New Year all!


    • Catherine L. Osornio

      I like the special notebook idea, Shirley. I just ordered a Moleskine weekly notebook which has a weekly calendar on the left and a note page on the right. I can put my 2009 goals there!

  2. This is great, Catherine! It would be fun to compare everyone’s plans for 2009 at our next meeting. -Nancy

  3. Nancy, I like the idea of sharing everyone’s plans for 2009. We can pray for each member re: their goals, then watch the Lord work out His will! We can look at the direction He has taken each one of us at next years party!

  4. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    For someone like me, writing down my goals so I can tangibly see them is a great idea!


  5. This is why I love my goal notebook. I have neglected it lately, and you inspired me to get back on track!

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