Jingle Bells, I Can’t Spellz

Jingle bells, I can’t spellz.
Too much on my mind!
Trying to write. Buy gifts tonight.
I hope I make my deadLINE!

Achoo! Sneeze. Tissue please.
Caught that winter cold.
Won’t stay in bed. Write instead.
Just ten more lines to go, OH!

Decorate. House looks great.
Music soothes my mind.
Don’t linger long on that song.
Thought of the perfect line, WRITE!

Cards to mail. Wreath to nail.
Computer screen just froze!
Writers block. Hang Christmas socks.
E-mail’s can’t be read…NO!

Stressing out. Time to shout…
“Deadlines don’t scare me!”
Computer off. Pencils down.
Let’s decorate the tree…WHEEEE!

Take a break. Eat fruitcake.
Feel the Christmas cheer.
New plan to help my writing goal…

Don’t write until next year, YEAH!

Sheryl Crawford


8 responses to “Jingle Bells, I Can’t Spellz

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Sherri, I LOVED your poem!!
    My holidays can be pretty hectic so I’m going to do what your poem said. I’ll enjoy the holidays and THEN really commit to writing.


  2. Sheri, that is just so CLEVER! I love it — makes me want to sing.


  3. SO cute…and highly original, as usual, Sherri!
    Loved it!

  4. Hi Gloria, Marilyn, and Marge! Glad you enjoyed this silly little ditty (packed with truth!) Do you put your writing down the first of December or a little later?

  5. Sherri—A couple of weeks ago, I THOUGHT I had put my writing down until after Christmas, or, better yet, the first of year. THEN, just the other day, two things popped up with deadlines of Dec.24 !!
    Who, I ask you, sets deadlines for Dec. 24??
    ARAAAGH!! 🙂 Marge

  6. Sherri–As usual, you make us smile with your poetry! Have a great Christmas!

  7. Ha ha ha, thiz iz zo funnee!!!! Mary Christmas!

  8. Loved this, Sherri, even if I had a lighter Christmas this season, it can definitely by just like you wrote.

    Great way to start a new writing year–smile, smile, smile.


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