Making the Time

If you have a chance to work out deadlines for your writing, make sure you allow for the holidays. I have four children ages 8 to 14. Because they are still rather young, my interaction is needed on a frequent basis. When they are home for the holidays, my writing time can become extra stressful if I have an article due right in the middle of their time off from school.      

But what if you don’t have any say when a project is due? What if your editor says, “I’d like to see this completed by April 16th,” which happens to be in the middle of Easter vacation (as well as the day after taxes are due)? Don’t panic. Change the due date in your mind to the week before and work to finish early. If for some reason you have to go a bit into the following week, you will at least have most of the project done and the stress level of having the kids running around at the same time will be reduced.

Keeping an eye on deadlines in light of the holidays is important, especially when family is involved. Work out your writing time to finish ahead of schedule so you can actually enjoy your holiday.

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


One response to “Making the Time

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Catherine, if anyone can juggle kids and writing, it will be you!


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