Christmas Past, Present and Future

The preparations for Christmas can really stress me out some times. Even prayer can be a challenge. I took Marge’s advice and made a list of my Christmas experiences. It was fun and very prayerful.



Christmas Past

Jeweled lights

            fragile globes

                        bursting red leaves and rosy cheeks

Piles of wrapping and ribbon

            Mounds of cookies and cocoa

A tiny scene

            with a tiny family

                        and a tiny baby

Joy to the world!



Christmas Present

Sniffles and

            shopping lists

                        Must-attend events

Caution! Road Work Ahead

            Not seven, but seventy-seven

Greetings and smiles

            Emmanuel! God with us!

Shiny red buckets

            and tinkling bells

                        Family expanding

            Choirs in every language

Glimpse of heaven



Christmas to Come

A bountiful banquet

            with every name known

Hunger is filled and

            broken hearts healed

Swords into plowshares

            Justice for the poor

Lambs gathered

            Bride and groom embrace

                        Abundant new life        

Fullness of peace






7 responses to “Christmas Past, Present and Future

  1. Veronica, as the very talented and gifted illustrator of our group, you are also an amazing writer! What a beautiful reflection this is! It puts EVERYTHING into its proper perspective this Christmas season.

  2. This is beautiful, Veronica. It warmed my heart to know I helped with the “inspiration.”

  3. Thanks girls! It put the season back into order for me.

  4. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Veronica, how beautiful! Thank you!


  5. This was beautiful! You are an amazing writer, Veronica.

  6. Ditto with all the above–simply amazing, and unique. This must have a place for next year. Submit!

  7. Veronica, this was so lovely! Just like you!


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