It’s Time!

It’s June 5th. The temperature outside is 103 degrees. Time to start writing those Christmas articles!

How can anyone possibly think about Christmas when it’s so hot eggs can be fried on the patio cement?

Some suggestions.

Turn on the Christmas music CD’s. Or if you’re really hip, put the MP3 earplugs on.

Start singing. I know. Strange, huh? But, hey, we’ve got to get into the Christmas spirit so we can write!

Look at the Christmas pictures you took last year. If you were five pounds lighter BEFORE you indulged over the holiday, then best skip this one. Too depressing. You won’t be creative. In fact, it could lead to a trip to the gym instead of writing.

Turn down the cooler. This is only if you have an evaporative cooler system. Try that with air-conditioning and you’ll find the electric bill will be higher than the paycheck for your article. Who wants all that effort just to pay a bill?

Think about your past holidays. Did anything funny, strange, special, unique happen? Can you write an article using that as a springboard? If you had a boring holiday (sorry), maybe even that could be a starter.

Warning: Be sure and turn off the music, put up the pictures and turn the cooler back up before the rest of the family comes home. They may think you’re crazy. Of course, all us writers would understand perfectly!

Doing strange things to be a writer, Gloria


One response to “It’s Time!

  1. Good ideas, Gloria. With most of us it’s one December to the next!

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