Holiday Writing Blog

What can we write about for publication in the Christmas season? As I jot this blog down I have read what Catherine and Marge have already written, and their great points about seeking the “different and unusual” slants for the season. Children, of course, haven’t seen as many Christmases come and go that we writers and the editors have. Still, the freshness can delight them, too.

When we write, we first have to determine what God wants us to write about. There are many choices. Should we write a short fiction or non-fiction piece for children? A story about Santa and his elves is a questionable theme for Christians. A child deprived of a new toy that “everyone” has, but then receives in a miraculous way misuses God’s gift of writing. We can write for the secular market and still show God’s love for His little children. And we can demonstrate the love of parents for a child in helping her to have a giving heart instead of being materialistic.

Or should we write for adults? We can encourage the lonely adults who sometimes fall into depression at the holidays to seek out another lonely person. In down economic times like now is a great time to show ways to give without paying a dime. And writing about easing typical holiday stress so we can all enjoy the “season of love” is a welcome subject, too.

Of course, the joy of writing about God’s marvelous gift Who gave up His glory in Heaven with His Father to be born as a helpless baby, eventually to be a sacrifice for the world’s sins—that’s the best of all! Whether a simple children’s story for Sunday School papers, or a beautiful word-picture or poem of the first Christmas for adults, the list is endless, and much sought-after by publishers.

So have a joyful time writing for this happy season, and by the way—Merry Christmas!
-contributed by Shirley Shibley


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