Think Familiar…with a Twist!

When writing for holidays, there are two important details to keep in mind: People want to read about the familiar. Yet they also want something fresh and new with a twist!

To help gather ideas for holiday stories, first I read a lot of favorite holiday stories and look for what is “familiar.” For instance, when I wrote a Christmas story for a children’s magazine, I discovered that a common theme of many Christmas stories is a mishap centering around children performing the Christmas play.

I decided to use this common and familiar theme in my story.

Then I prayed about presenting a Christmas play mishap in a fresh, new way. As soon as I considered using a different and unique cast of characters, I knew I’d discovered my twist. I decided to have a cast of underwater sea creatures performing the play!

I pitched the idea to the magazine editor and landed the assignment to write Christmas Under the Sea.

If you’re considering writing a manuscript for a holiday, first do your research. Read favorite stories based on your holiday and make a list of familiar and common story ingredients. Then pray about finding a twist to present your story in a fresh, new way.

-Contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


2 responses to “Think Familiar…with a Twist!

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Christmas Under the Sea! I would never have thought of such a thing, Nancy. So creative!


  2. Thanks Gloria–and it was so fun to plug the “familiar” into the new twist!

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