A Holiday Advent

Since December’s topic is “Writing for the Holidays,” I thought it was appropriate to start this blog on December 1st with the Season of Advent.

Back in June I received an assignment from Clubhouse Jr. magazine to write an article and provide a craft project for Advent Calendars for their December issue. For those of you who find it strange to write a winter topic in the midst of summer heat, I assure you this is normal. Most magazines require a good six month gap between the writing and publishing of an article.

So I headed to the library (in my shorts), pulled out as many books on Christmas and Advent as I could find, and began the research process. I also checked internet sites, looking for places that made Advent calendars to find any history on the subject.

Once I put the article together, I began to tackle how to create a kid-friendly calendar-making project. I looked at the various calendars available, read through other hands-on projects, and came up with a game plan. After a visit to the craft store, and turning on my Christmas music, I cut, glued, and created, taking pictures and jotting down notes as I went along. I e-mailed the final results (including step by step instructions and digital photos for the calendar) and waited for a reply.

The article was accepted, but the editor felt the project was a little more involved than they wanted. Would I want to try again? Of course! So I set to work and came up with another idea that was accepted. You can view the article and the project in this month’s issue of Clubhouse Jr.          

Writing for the holidays is fun, but you must set your mind months ahead. I have a deadline in a few days for a Mother’s Day newsletter article. Maybe I’ll find some pictures of spring flowers for inspiration.

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


2 responses to “A Holiday Advent

  1. Shirley Shibley

    Catherine, I’m so glad you receive those assignments from Clubhouse Jr. I have yet to get anything published by them. Please bring a copy to our meeting–I’d love to see your article.


  2. I’m waiting for my December issue of Clubhouse Jr. to arrive. Can’t wait to see what you did! Craft store, photos, glue, step by step instructions. Whew! That was a lot of work but I know it was worth it (o;

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