How Nonfiction Started My Career

I mentioned in my last post about attending a writers’ conference. I had prayed asking God to reveal to me if my feelings about venturing into the writing for publication realm were from him or my own desire. I asked God to reveal his will for me at the conference.

I made appointments with three children’s editors. Fear gripped me as I sat down to share my fiction manuscript with the first editor. He smiled, looked at my work and complimented me. He DID NOT ask for the manuscript. He asked if I had anything else. I only had the re-told Bible stories I had thrown in at the last minute. I pulled them out of my briefcase and handed them to him. He liked them!  He asked that I send them to him after the conference. Wow! I was beyond excited.

I went to my next appointment. This time I handed the editor copies of the re-told Bible stories, along with my fiction story. Want to venture which she liked? Right! The Bible stories. She took the copies.

Two down. One to go.

I spoke with the third editor about my fiction, then handed her the re-told Bible stories. She, too, asked that I send her copies after the conference.

My feet hardly touched the ground all day!

I had entered a story in the adult short story contest. During the assembly time the winners were announced. I almost fainted when they called my name. I was third place winner in the contest!

After the conference, I sent the requested material to the three editors. I waited and prayed. Two editors wrote to say they could not use the material. HOWEVER, one wrote and said she was excited about publishing the stories. Four books printed in both English and Spanish were published as a result of that conference.

Would you say God spoke clearly to me at that conference? I had no doubt I was to pursue writing for publication. Non-fiction was the avenue God used to lead me into this new adventure.

Perhaps God will use something you did not consider, such as nonfiction, to be the catalyst to thrust you into the published author category. You never know!

Still amazed at the working of God, Gloria


2 responses to “How Nonfiction Started My Career

  1. Wow, Gloria, what a great experience! I’m sure glad God worked for you that way.

    More ahead, I’m sure


  2. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Yes, Shirley, it was an exciting time. And, I had no doubt God had confirmed my feelings about writing for publication. He is so good to guide us into what he desires!


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