More Tips from a Conference

Things to Include in a Non-Fiction Book Proposal:
One sentence summary that captures your book. Should be more “hook” than description. (We are calling these pitches.)

Brief overview, similar to back-covers on books.  3-4 paragraphs. Exciting, informative, and make someone want to read your book. Tells publisher in succinct form what the book is about and who the market is.

Felt need—What needs will your book fulfill that your audience is already aware of? What  questions are they asking that your book will answer? What do they want that you can give them?

About the author—1/2 to full page on author, why are you qualified to write this book? List any previously published books or articles along with sales figures. Are you the best possible author for this type of book?

Author marketing and platform—(something we all try to overlook but publishers are interested in).

Competition—Other  books in print alike? List 4-8 books within the last 5 years. How is your book different and better? A couple sentences comparing them to yours.

Word count and completion time.

Chapter outline—titles and a couple of sentences capturing each chapter’s theme.

Sample chapters.

-Contributed by Shirley Shibley


3 responses to “More Tips from a Conference

  1. Thanks! I need this.


  2. Thanks, Shirley, for these great reminders — and for some new ideas, too. Marilyn

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