Years ago, when I wrote for adults, I wrote mostly non-fiction.  But, since I’ve been writing for children for the past 12 years, I’ve been doing only fiction.  Go figure!  So, I don’t have any experience or tips to share about writing non-fiction for kids.  However, during my “adult years,” I did design and produce a number of items for crafts magazines, and even wrote an article about it for The Writer magazine (for which I received excellent feedback from the then-editor.)  I believe the same basic guidelines would apply to crafts for kids, too.


They are:


            #1.  Be original.

            #2.  Study each magazine in detail.

            #3.  Think seasonal.

            #4.  Understand the craft technique and know how to write


            #5.  Be familiar with the unique submission process for crafts.


I’ll cover each of these items more fully in my next blog post.


In all, I had 10 craft designs published, mostly involving some kind of needlework.  Since I don’t have a background in art or design, these were, for the most part, simple, easy-to-do projects.


I didn’t make a whole lot of money selling craft designs, considering these magazines’ low pay, the cost of the materials and the amount of time invested in each project.  But, I had great fun doing each one and enjoyed sharing my love of needlework and skills with others.  And, it was truly exciting to see my work in living color on glossy pages!


Contributed by Marjorie Flathers


4 responses to ““CRAFTING” NON-FICTION, PART 1

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Marge, you are the “Queen” of magazine writing in my eyes. Anyone who wants to learn this area of writing will do well to listen to any advice you give!


  2. This is a really helpful article, Marge, and you are right — we can apply your advice to writing craft articles for kids!

  3. Many of these ideas are good for other non-fiction as well.


  4. Thanks so much, Shirely, Marilyn, and Gloria for all you kind comments. I really appreciate it!

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