How’s Your Work Space?

We’re winding down our month long discussion on work spaces. Has any of this info spurred you to clean up your rubble? Has it helped you organize your office better? Or, are you like me? Good intentions, but still haven’t committed yourself to change.

Don’t despair. There is still hope for us. Some day we  stumble over something in our office. After we pick ourselves up off the floor, we’ll be so thankful we didn’t break something or have to call 911, we’ll determine enough is enough. With great fervor we will wade into the stacks and stacks of material. A month later we will actually be able to see our desk! That will spur us on to greater things. Soon the floor can be seen. Next, the file cabinets will be laden with crisp files, all in order. Such a sight it will be! We will then sit at our desk more confident of creative juices flowing.

Someone sends an email you think you MUST print out.

A story sparks an idea so you print that out.

An idea for a new book comes to mind. You scratch out the basics on a piece of paper and toss it on your desk.

A few days later you find it’s happening AGAIN! More clutter is forming like a monster that can’t be stopped. But, this time you DO stop it. You immediately take the time to file the email, the story, the idea. A nice clean office again. You walk out the door confident your office will never be cluttered again!

The End

Oh, you thought that it was real? Just a story. And, I always did like stories that ended happily ever after. I hope YOUR office story does, too!

Hoping for a happy ending to my office story but doubting it, Gloria


3 responses to “How’s Your Work Space?

  1. This was so clever as a story, Gloria! Smile. And I sure do love a happy ending!

  2. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Thanks, Nancy. As I look around my office, I’m not sure a happy ending fits me!


  3. Shirley Shibley

    Dear Gloria, sometimes dreams DO come true!


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