I know, I know, nobody irons any more. Knits, and/or the super-casual look, are in. Certainly ironing is not one of my favorite chores, but I’m old-fashioned enough to enjoy wearing ironed clothes—even jeans!  My problem was how to fit it in with the writing I wanted/needed to do.  I found a way.


The room where I keep the ironing board (also a sewing/craft/miscellaneous room—AND the guest room!) is next to my office, so before I begin a short ironing stint (usually 20 minutes to half an hour) I bring up my current manuscript, or a blank page, or my computer.  As I iron a few clothes, I begin thinking about what I’m going to write.  As ideas occur to me, I slip into my office and type them.  Maybe it’s an outline; other times it’s a paragraph or two on a first draft.  Then, when I’m ready to leave the “ironing room,” I can get right to work on whatever is on my computer screen.


I don’t do all my ironing at one time, so when I return to it another day, I repeat the process.  As I smooth out tops, pants, shirts, pillow cases, and yes, jeans, I’m in and out of my office, revising, changing, making notes on new ideas.


This process has a three-fold benefit.  1) It helps me avoid writers’ block, or the simply staring at a blank page, 2) it’s something creative to think about while I do the mindless task of ironing, and 3) the ironing actually seems to go a lot faster!  Call me crazy, but it works for me!


Contributed by Marjorie Flathers


2 responses to “WRITING…AND IRONING???

  1. gloriastockstill

    You may have given me incentive to iron that stack of clothes that reaches almost to my closet ceiling! I can convince myself I’m not really ironing but working on a manuscript. Thanks!


  2. Shirley Shibley

    Interesting that I just finished my ironing from the 100 % cotton shirts that had collected the last 3 weeks. (What ever happened to poly-cotton blends that didn’t need ironing?) One blouse was left and since I’ve worn it 3 years and originally picked it up at the thrift store I do believe I’ll call it quits.

    Before I iron it!


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