You Don’t Need To Pay For Office Space!

 It’s me again. Gloria, the non-organized office person.
I hate clutter. I know. That seems to be a contradiction to my last post. I do hate clutter. I just hate cleaning more so therefore I have to live with clutter!

Some days my piled high office is more than even I can stand so I pack my computer or a notebook and head for another one of my offices.

Other offices? You read right. And, I don’t even have to pay the rent on them. Talk about a great deal!

Where you ask? Anywhere! One of mine is Burger King. Did you know they have electrical connections for patrons to use? I only found that out a few days ago but I’ve been going there for a long time. I get me something to eat or drink, find a table to lay out out my work and then plunge in.

Carl’s Jr. and Starbucks are also my offices. These people are so nice. Not one has threatened to throw me out of my office for lack of payment. A hot chocolate or chicken sandwich order guarantees me hours of table space.

So, if you have no room at home, do what I do. Let someone else pay for your office space. They really don’t mind. And, who knows. You may meet up with some great characters for your next book!

Loving all my offices, Gloria


4 responses to “You Don’t Need To Pay For Office Space!

  1. Shirley Shibley


    I’ve seen your house–don’t try to fool me into believing you seek those “special” offices just for the room! Having gained two pounds on my weekend retreat I hate to think what a fast foods office would do to my figure.

    Sitting next to a refreshing glass of water, Shirley

  2. Gloria, I love to hide out at Barnes & Noble. The trouble is — all those books. What a temptation! Marilyn

  3. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, it’s true. There are temptations that lurk at my offices. I try to refrain…sometimes!


  4. gloriastockstill

    Marilyn, I know what you mean. When I drop by B&N I can easily spend the time reading someone else’s work and never get around to writing mine!


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