Major Overhaul

I needed a major overhaul of my workspace. My writing area consisted of a very small desk that contained my computer, my printer, my keyboard, and a plethora of assorted files, CDs, etc. Next to my desk I had several bins overflowing with manuscripts, correspondence, contracts, and published copies of my work. I was constantly cleaning and sorting, but nothing ever seemed to work.


After a good year of talking, I finally took steps for action. I already knew I wanted a corner desk, so I spent some time looking online and in various office supply stores for desk designs that had enough work and storage space to meet my needs. I also had to work within specific dimensions since my “office” is part of my living room, and I wanted something that would blend nicely with the décor.


I settled on a corner desk with an attached filing cabinet in a dark cherry wood color. Because it was particle board, the price was reasonable. I also purchased a small storage cabinet. Since I wanted to have a more presentable workspace, I figured the less obvious clutter the better.


When everything arrived and my husband and I had assembled all the pieces, I had to do a thorough cleaning out of all my files. I had to determine what was important and what could be tossed. Amazingly I tossed out a lot. Then I had to re-file and re-sort. Now I have a functioning workspace that looks nice and professional instead of messy and amateurish.


Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


2 responses to “Major Overhaul

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Catherine, I have a headache just reading this post about organizing your office. Maybe I can do a little organization later. Right now, I have to take a nap so I can get rid of this headache. See what thinking about organization does to me!!

  2. Catherine,
    Congrats for “splurging” on your desk and other equipment! I’m sure they will serve you well!

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