My Workspace? You Don’t Want To Know!

I have the privilege of launching our new subject: The Work Place. Oh, why me? Better someone who is organized. They could give you awesome ideas on organizing your space. Not so yours truly.

While I am blessed to have an entire room to myself (please don’t hate me), I am not the best guardian of its space. I have two desks, one a roll-top, but I have long since stopped using it to write. Its duty is to hide all my “junk” when I know we’re having friends over who will want to see my office.

I do have things spaced nicely in my office. My computer sits on the desk I do use. Shelves (crammed shelves, I might add) sit atop the desk. My printer sits nearby on a lovely oak file cabinet stuffed with who knows what.

My chair is comfortable. Soft enough for me to cozy up in. The problem is, it’s so cozy I tend to get droopy eyelids when I sit in it! It does roll around my fake wood floor rather easily so I seldom have to get up to get to any of my bookshelves. Maybe that’s why I’m having to diet now!

Let’s talk bookshelves. Mine are loaded with writing books, Amazon used books, library discard books, and religious books. If someone tried to figure out what it is I write, my bookshelves would not give them much of a clue. Too varied. But, I LOVE variety!

On my desk is stacked reams of paper with writing on it, not much of it mine. I print out everything I think will be helpful to my writing. I also print out recipes, moving stories and things I think will make a good story.

Several times a year, I begin the tedious process of filing or throwing away the stacks of paper on my desk. This is not a day or two process. More like weeks. I feel so good when it’s done. About two weeks later, I notice the paper monster is beginning to return. I try not to panic. Add another few weeks and it’s there again! Stacks and stacks of paper! Now the process begins again.

If you want an event planned, I’m your girl. I organize these things so neatly I even list when you can have potty breaks. But, if you want an example of an organized office, look elsewhere.

I guess it was good to start with me. All you readers can see how it’s NOT done. Others who come after me can astound you with their organizational skills. Perhaps, just maybe, there is someone “out there” who can relate to me. If so, the best to you on getting all your “junk” filed.

-Not a very good office organizer, Gloria


8 responses to “My Workspace? You Don’t Want To Know!

  1. Gloria,
    I too am organization-challenged when it comes to my office space, yet I seem to know where everything is. This is a great start for the topic. Thanks for telling it like it is!

  2. gloriastockstill

    You have one up on me Veronica. I know the “vicinity” of where things are but I have to look for ages to find anything. Maybe I’ll apply some of the great tips all of you give!


  3. Gloria, I’m sure you were talking directly to me. Right now, I’m searching frantically for that piece of paper I was holding in my hands half an hour ago — before it took wings and flew away.


  4. Sherri Crawford

    Gloria! WHEN did you sneak into my house and walk into my office? You were describing MY workplace as well. When I saw the topic for our October posts I too said “Why me?” I think I may have groaned. We are who we are, Gloria. Ask yourself this question, are you a productive writer amidst the paper tiger? If the answer is “Yes” (and I know it is) then you’re OK/I’m OK (o; My office is organized chaos. Too many books. Too many printed out how-to articles, too many piles. I’m just too exhausted to keep it any other way—BUT I’m productive. Thank you for being REAL. There will be LOTS of writers who identify with you (and me)! I just hope they’ll admit it (o; GREAT post!!!

  5. gloriastockstill

    Marilyn, thank you! No one else believes me when I say my papers have wings!


  6. gloriastockstill

    Sherri, thanks for sharing about your lack of organization.
    My, I’m realizing I’m not so weird after all. There really are others out there like me. How encouraging!!


  7. Shirley Shibley

    It looks like Wordsmiths all have a job with organization this month, and I don’t mean just the posts.

    P.S. me too!

  8. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Shirley, I guess we’ll HAVE to get organzied so we can tell others how it’s done! 😀


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