The Middle Road

I‘m writing a middle grade novel.
The learning curve’s Mt. Everest.
With help from experienced Wordsmiths,
There may be hope for me yet.

Those Middle Grade posts from Marilyn,
Shirley, Catherine and Marge,
Nancy, Veronica and Gloria,
Will surely my knowledge enlarge!

I’ll print up each article written.
Not ONE will I overlook.
I’ll have them bound at Kinkos.
It’s a How-to-Write-for-Middle Grade book!

If you’re needing help with this genre,
And you’re teetering on overload,
Don’t worry…the posts from those Wordsmiths
Will guide you on the middle-grade road!

Sherri is still climbing Mt. Everest but has her trusty Kinkos-bound book in her survival gear.


4 responses to “The Middle Road

  1. Ha ha ha! This is great! I love the idea of binding these posts as a book and adding them to our survival gear!!!-Nancy

  2. Sherri, you are so clever. This brightened my morning! Marilyn

  3. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    You are SOOOO clever!


  4. Shirley Shibley

    Yes, it is great to have the support from the group. Yours, too, Sherri!


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