Be Funny–If You Dare!

Do you remember what made you laugh when you were 12? Chances are that the same thing would leave a blank look on today’s tweener. All the exposure our children currently receive to the outside world creates a more sophisticated, yet sometimes less joyful child. Some things remain the same. Because of the sinfulness of human nature, bathroom jokes, sarcasm and risqué talk still bring snickers and side-splitting guffaws. I recently heard a pastor remind his audience that we did not have to teach our children how to tell lies—they came by that technique naturally. We had to teach them to tell the truth, and not to lie or behave displeasing to God.

As Christian writers, we have an obligation to write in a way that pleases our heavenly Father, including writing humor for tweens, and not fall into the trap of making kids laugh the world’s way. Some things that are clean humor still remain funny, for instance a pet’s antics, or a day’s escalating craziness. We can create many kinds of funny situations that will brighten tweens’ lives and give them something light to remember and smile about during life’s winter-days.

It’s fun for the writer too!

-contributed by Shirley, with a smile


One response to “Be Funny–If You Dare!

  1. What a wonderful reminder for us to stay true to what is pleasing to our Lord in our writing. Humor does not need to be anything other than clean to be funny. Thanks for a great post!

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