Our Mission Field

Have you written a middle grade novel? Was it published yet? If not, don’t despair. I read how one writer wrote numerous novels before he ever got one published. But he said he could see how he improved each time. He also said he couldn’t have written the final, published one, if he hadn’t first written the others.

Keep learning. Keep reading. Keep praying. And don’t forget—keep writing!

As God’s scribes and as writers of middle grade novels, we have the unique opportunity of presenting a biblical worldview to the minds and hearts of children. What an awesome ministry opportunity this is! The entire world for generations to come is our mission field whether we write MG novels for the Christian or the general market. May we always keep this in mind as we write.

My prayer is that in the month ahead as you read these tips, reflections, and advice posted on our blog about middle grade novels that you will grow as a writer along the journey God has called you to take, in whatever genre you write.

-Contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


2 responses to “Our Mission Field

  1. Nancy,
    Thanks for reminding us of the “4 keeps” above. I might add “keep your chin up” as I collect another rejection letter.


  2. Learning, reading, praying, writing. Simply put but POWERFULLY true! Never give up any of those things! Once again, you encourage us to press on. Thank you, Nancy (o;

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