In the Beginning

Dear God,
What was it like in the beginning of time, before You created the world? The Bible says that “In the beginning was the Word…” What exactly does that mean?

Did You have a zillion words floating around in the cosmos, each one like a story starter, just begging to take shape and form? “The animal with a nose as long as a vacuum hose and a body as big as a bus, wanted to entertain children in a circus but…” “It was a dark and stormy night when…” “The waves danced and swirled upon the golden sands of the beach, but they stopped at their boundaries and could go no farther because…”

What an imagination You had as You created the characters in Your amazing story! What a sense of humor You displayed by the awesome array of diverse (and often silly-looking) creatures you designed! What a tender heart You exposed as You crafted the blueprint for the greatest story ever to be told–the need each one of us has for a Savior and the answer to our need through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Oh, give us Your heart, the heart of the Master Storyteller! Give us Your ideas to create and start the stories that You designed for us to tell–long before even time began. Give us Your strength, the strength of the eagle, to complete the task You set before us. Encourage us, comfort us, inspire us! Help us start the stories You call us to write and answer Your call to write.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

-Contributed by Nancy I. Sanders


2 responses to “In the Beginning

  1. Shirley Shibley

    This was so lovely, and touching! What a thought, to consider the very first story starter. And yes, I’m sure we all agree we desire the heart of God, that He would give us the starters He wants us to have, for the stories He already has provided for us.

  2. Yes! He is the Master Storyteller and our inspiration. He gave us any creativity that we have to use for His glory!

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