A Useful Book

My long-time friend, Louise, who lives in Chicago, recently contributed an essay to a newly-published book, FINDING YOUR VOICE, TELLING YOUR STORIES, by Carol La Chapelle (Marion Street Press, Chicago, $14.95) and she kindly sent me a copy.  Of course, I immediately read Louise’s excellent essay on loss and its various meanings, but as I explored this book further, I realized that it is a treasure trove of Story Starters for writers.

With degrees in Psychology and English, over the years Carol LaChapelle has given numerous workshops in writing and journal writing.  This book combines the techniques used in these workshops with the work of many of her students.  According to the preface of the book, she believes that through the process of storytelling, we learn to know and understand others and ourselves.

Using Carol LaChapelle’s prompts, such as People from Grade School, The Neighborhood, and First Job, to name just a few, writers can discover countless ways to tell their own unique stories in their own unique voices.  And I found that when I read the essays in this book, it was just a short hop to thinking about similar stories of my own.  It’s a very interesting read, and I recommend it.

Contributed by Marjorie Flathers


2 responses to “A Useful Book

  1. gloriastockstill

    Thanks, Marge. I guess I am going to have to buy ANOTHER book!


  2. marilyn donahue

    Great information, Marge. I’m going to get a copy of that book. Thanks so much for sharing some of its contents.

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