For me, a story starts with prayer. I ask the Lord for a hint of an idea to get me going. The idea can be for a newsletter article, a book proposal, a fiction story, or even a blog. I take everything to Him first, asking for a little spark. Then I wait.


I used to get my sparks in the wee hours of the morning. I’d suddenly awaken with an idea floating in my head. Now it can come at any time. I just have to be “listening.” The best way for me to listen is to not think about the idea. Since I’ve already presented my request to God, I don’t want my own thoughts influencing the process. So I try very hard to think of anything other than my project.


The hardest part comes when I have a deadline looming and I still have not received my spark. The tendency is to start getting nervous, but I’ve found that it’s better for me to calm down and keep waiting. God has never failed me yet. He always ignites my mind with the right idea at the proper time.


Looking for a great story starter? Ask God to give you a spark that will fuel your imagination.


Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


3 responses to “Sparks

  1. Shirley Shibley

    These sparks work for me, too. And from little sparks come big forest fires, sometimes!


  2. So true. Sometimes I can be impatient. But I know that if I wait and listen for that still small voice in my heart—the Lord will guide. If an idea or story never comes, then I know it wasn’t His will.
    Wonderful post.

  3. gloriastockstill

    It’s so true, Catherine. God sends “sparks” at strange times. I guess we should just always be ready, right?


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