One Path to Achieving GOALS

Here’s a short guide to reaching our GOALS:

G—Get Organized.  Collect all the notes, ideas, research, etc. for each  project you are working on and put them in separate folders.  Then, when you are ready to work, you won’t have to hunt all over for them. 

O—Onward!  Try to work on your project every day, if possible.  One hour or one page is a good rule of thumb.

A—Always edit, edit, edit.  Someone once said that “writing is re-writing,” and this very true.  The more you edit and refine, the better your piece will read.  10 drafts is not unusual.

L—Let it sit.  Allow enough time to let your project “cool off” a day or more between edits.  It’s surprising the mistakes, changes, and new ideas that will jump out at you.

S—Send it out.  Another truism is that “nothing ever sold in a desk drawer.”   Your manuscript needs to be out there, and if you’ve done the necessary research on what specific publishers and editors are looking for, you can target your submissions more successfully.

Following these short guidelines has helped me achieve my on-going goal of being published.

Contributed by Marjorie Flathers


3 responses to “One Path to Achieving GOALS

  1. gloriastockstill

    Marjorie, thanks for the post. The one about letting it sit is so true. When I come back to a manuscript a few days after I’ve written it, I’m amazed at how many errors I have overlooked!


  2. marilyn donahue

    I really relate to the part about getting organized and working a little each day. For me, that’s what makes it possible for me to finish a project. Thanks for the good reminders!

  3. Clever post, Marjorie. (o;

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