A Writing Formula

Math was a fun subject for me most of the time. I liked solving equations because math made sense. One number plus another number always equaled something solid and concrete. My mind thinks logically like that, so it’s no wonder that as I was trying to come up with another post on the topic of goals, I naturally gravitated towards an equation that added up:


Goals + Work = Rewards           



In order for our writing to prosper, we must have goals. We need to start with a vision of what we want to do and how we want to say it. Once we have that idea either roughly or firmly established, we need to work. We must invest time and energy into putting our thoughts onto paper, weaving plot, theme, character development, and climax into whatever direction our story leads.


It takes a lot to make our idea become a reality, but eventually it will lead to rewards. Will the prize always be publication? No, but we can have the satisfaction of successfully finishing our story, which in many ways is a reward in itself. Publication, of course, is icing on the cake.


Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


3 responses to “A Writing Formula

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Catherine, enjoyed your post. I must admit, I like my cake better with icing!


  2. Sherri Crawford

    Catherine, your last paragraph says it all! By the way, I like your formula (o; Unlike math formulas, this one I understand!

  3. marilyn donahue

    Catherine, you are so right. The icing on the cake is yummy, but there’s nothing like that wonderful feeling of having finished a story — poem — book. Writing that last sentence is what keeps me writing those first sentences!

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