Let’s Talk Goals

Okay, I confess. I’m not a good goal setter. Well, it’s not that I don’t set goals. I’ll write them down on paper or make a list on my computer. Then I lose the list! Have you ever tired to find a file you’ve written on your computer but can’t remember what you titled it? Grrrr! After a while you just decide you’ve spent too much time trying to find your goals list and go on to other things.

Or, you just know you wrote your goals in the red notebook but you find every color notebook known to man EXCEPT the red one. Sigh. Life is so much simpler for people with good memories. Of course, I don’t know that from experience!

Still, let’s not get discouraged. Keep writing those goals. Maybe one day when you finally decide to clean your office, you’ll find them. Check and see how many of them you have accomplished anyway!

contributed by Gloria


2 responses to “Let’s Talk Goals

  1. Sherri Crawford

    Gloria, thanks for the encouragement! Those of us who have too many notebooks, lists, and sticky notes, need that! I’ve actually left my desk chair only to find a sticky note or two on my pants! Please come over and help me organize my office. Help!

  2. gloriastockstill

    Sherri, I knew there was a reason we connected. We are soooo alike! That’s not bad, right?!! ;D


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