Writer’s Goals

Goals. Football, soccer, hockey, writing. Writing? How did that get in there? But yes, it’s true, goals are very much a part of writing.

As a scattered writer (take that however you want) I got myself in a mess recently. I write both nonfiction and fiction, for children and adults, Christian and secular. Spending some time trying to organize my guidelines into separate folders instead of lumping them all together, and replacing outdated guidelines, my brain was in as much of a jumble as my dining room table. Where was I going? What was I doing? What was I writing? I took a few minutes out to think about goals and wrote several on a piece of lined notebook paper. They range from submitting queries and proposals of manuscripts I have finished or begun, to a rewrite. Then I went on to designing two proposals for ideas for non-fiction books, one for Christian women and one for children. This goal is for one month. When I have a long project to work on I will set goals for longer periods of time. I taped the piece of paper to my desk above my computer, so I can see it every day.

I feel more relaxed now, even if I still have more organizing to do. Setting the goals gives me incentive and focus, and prioritizing my scattered work keeps me at least a little sane.

Score six—I just made one goal!

-contributed by Shirley Shibley


2 responses to “Writer’s Goals

  1. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, congrats on goals reached! When you’re through organizing your office, would you consider mine? ;D


  2. Sherri Crawford

    Shirley, after helping Gloria organize her office, I’M NEXT!

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