A Self-Editing Quiz

Since this is the last post for our June Topic of Self-Editing, I thought I’d throw in a little spelling quiz. One of the major editing problems besides grammar is spelling. Let’s see how well you do.

Directions: Choose which word is spelled correctly.

1.     a. Perserverance                      b. Perseverance

2.     a. Commitment                        b. Committment

3.     a. Label                                   b. Lable

4.     a. Afterwards                          b. Afterwords

5.     a .Costumer                            b. Customer

6.     a. Guard                                  b. Gaurd

7.     a. Grammar                             b. Grammer

8.     a. Next door                            b. Next store

9.     a. Protray                                b. Portray

10.  a. Summary                             b. Summery

11.  a. Vinegarette                           b. Vinaigrette

12.  a. Yurn                                    b. Yearn

13.  a. Abundance                          b. Abundence             

14.  a. Souvenire                            b. Souvenir

15.  a. Unnecessary                        b. Unneccessary





Join us tomorrow as we begin our new topic for July: Goals.


Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


4 responses to “A Self-Editing Quiz

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Catherine, great post!


  2. Marjorie Flathers

    Got ’em all, Catherine—WITHOUT looking at the answers! Not if I could just translate that to my writing! Great “waker-upper” for Mon. morning! Marge

  3. Good choice of words, Catherine. I got them all, but my students sure wouldn’t. These are the words they consistently miss!

  4. Missed one!–perseverance…hmmmm. I enjoyed the quiz. Great idea, Catherine. This should be a regular feature for the blog!

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