A Writer’s Alphabet

Here is the rest of my writer’s alphabet, started on my last post on 6/5/08.


N is for Non-Paying Markets…occasionally placing stories and articles with non-paying markets can boost our self-esteem.

O is for Office…right now my office is a disoraganized mess.  How about yours?

P is for Persistence…persistence (and patience!) are the keys to success.

Q is for Query Letters…not much fun to do, but they’re essential…and get results!

R is for Rewrites…all writing is rewriting, so they say, and I actually enjoy it.

S is for SASE…self-addressed, stamped envelope, one of the first rules of free-lancing, although with e-mail, not as crucial as it once was.

T is for Thick…the kind of envelope we don’t  want to see in our mailboxes…it usually means a returned manuscript.

U is for Universal Theme…a story with a universal theme has the best chance selling.

V is for Verb…the backbone of any story…action words make it soar!

W is for Word Count…paying attention to each publication’s specified words is an essential part of writing…and selling.

X is for Xerox…before computers and printers, we depended on Xerox copies.

Y is for Yes…the word we all want to hear about our manuscripts…often!

Z is for Zinger…many stories and articles can be improved by ending with a zinger!


I hope you had fun reading this writer’s alphabet.  I enjoyed working on it.

Contributed by Marjorie Flathers


3 responses to “A Writer’s Alphabet

  1. Shirley Shibley

    I enjoyed your “alphabet book, Marge. I especially like the letter “Y”. May we all see it more often!


  2. gloriastockstill

    Marge, P is for persistence is probably the one I liked best. I guess it’s because I fall short there. Thanks for reminding me to keep on keeping on.


  3. Thanks, Shirley and Gloria. My favorites are A, F, K, and of course, G (for critique group—Wordsmiths, that is!) Marge

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