Self-Eddyting—Try Spell Checking THIS

Eye shirley knead help with my man you script edits.
Eye deep end on books and webb sights.
Are criteek group is kind wen they mark up each lion,
Even wen eye think that eye am rights.

Edits means cheking much moore than just grammer.
It’s diesecting theme, voice, and plot.
Did eye show ore tell? Hows’ the view pointe and meddle?
Did my big inning hook ewe or knot?

Eye useually putt my righting a way
for a weak or perhaps too or three.
And wen eye go back, eye can sea with knew eyes,
the miss steaks that weren’t obvius too me.

Are my speach tags to many? Is the pacing 2 slow?
Is the protag o’nest sent her stage?
Is it boaring or wordie? Due my centences run on?
Is my storie geared four the wright age?

If my man you script stunk, then I need to read Strunk
and The Elements of Grammar wood help two.
Eye half much to learn so eye guess eye wont’ burn
The book that Eisle edit my weigh threw.

Donations are being taken to buy Sheryl a Dictionary

Copyright 2008 Sheryl Ann Crawford


8 responses to “Self-Eddyting—Try Spell Checking THIS

  1. Ha ha ha! This is grate, Cheri! And sew cleverly done!!! -Nanci

  2. Sherri Crawford

    Tank U, Nan See!
    Share eeee!

  3. Sherri Crawford

    Nan See— Eye ment to add 1 moore ting–Oh know! What have eye start Ed?
    Shere eeee!

  4. gloriastockstill

    Share e,
    I luved the whay you done this here post!

    Yore frend,

  5. such beautiful rhyme
    and even in time
    one almost would say it’s a pun

    i’ve not often seen
    a poem with such sheen
    as this one, nor even such fun!

  6. Sherri Crawford

    Hi Avid! A poet after my own heart! Do you have a blog site? Would love to know more about you (o:

  7. Shirley Shibley

    Wow, Sherri, that must have taken a long time to do. My eyes are awhirl, girl!


  8. Entertaining and educational! Thanks Sherri!

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