A is for Author…a writer’s alphabet

 Although this month’s topic is Self-Editing, I thought I’d take a bit of a side road, as a fun thing to do.  I think all writers can relate to these ideas, and I hope you enjoy it!


A is for author…we all know people who would be authors, “if only they had the



B is for books…we love to read them…and to write them!


C is for computers…they drive us crazy, but we couldn’t get along without them.


D is for doldrums…whenever you’re in the writing doldrums, try reading your

                              favorite author, or something in a completely different genre, or

                              just sitting down and writing!


E is for editors…the best editors are understanding, helpful, and friendly, even

                            when they send rejections.


F is for flowers…every writer needs to buy herself a bouquet of beautiful flowers

                            no now and then.


G is for groups…critique groups, that is, and Wordsmiths is the best!


H is for heart…when we write from the heart, we can’t fail to do our best.


I is for illustrators…illustrators give our words a “look.”


J is for jumping up and down…that’s what we do when we get an acceptance!


K is for knitting…my favorite leisure-time activity…and I’ve written a number of

                              articles about it, too.  Think about how you can write about

                              your hobby.


L is for light-hearted…any manuscript improves when it has a light-hearted touch.


M is for multi-tasking…I planned and took notes for this post while I was ironing

                               and doing other chores.



To be continued on my next post on June 19th.


Contributed by Marjorie Flanders


4 responses to “A is for Author…a writer’s alphabet

  1. gloriastockstill

    A good alphabet for all writers, Marge. I look forward to reading the rest!


  2. Thanks, Gloria! I’m still reeling over the May slush pile thing! Marge

  3. Shirley Shibley

    Everything from A to Z (eventually) a writer needs to know!


  4. This is so fun, and a good reminder that writing and creativity involve many activities.

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