Don’t Give Up the Ship!

Constant rejections from magazines can sink you like a torpedo if you let them. We’re told to remember that it is not our persons that are rejected, but since what we write comes out of the person it’s like our babies are being refused. That precious child we spent so much time perfecting, one we were so sure was one of the most marvelous pieces of literature ever created—how could anyone toss it aside into the trash bin?

Rule number 1: Commit your writing to God before you start anything. Number 2, which goes along with 1: If it is returned to you unappreciated, accept it was not God’s will for it to be published at this time and publishing house. Number 3: Don’t take yourself so seriously. The world might have been better off to read what you wrote, but will not fall apart if it doesn’t! Number 4: If you have been called by God to write, be diligent to pursue the craft of writing, and continue to write and submit. Eventually you will find the niche God has waiting for you.

So keep your “S.S. I Write” ship cruising through calm or choppy waters. God is the captain and you are the first mate. Tell those torpedoes “Ha, ha! You can’t hurt me,” as you watch them turn away from your ship without causing any damage. Change course and head for another port as the captain directs. If it is His will the next one will welcome you.

Happy sailing!

-contributed by Shirley Shibley


2 responses to “Don’t Give Up the Ship!

  1. Sherri Crawford

    Shirley, this is a GREAT analogy! There’s no need to abandon ship because our Captain knows exactly where he’s taking us.
    Love, Sherri

  2. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Shirley, even if we are turned away from one “port”, it’s good to know there are others we can sail into.


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