Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


5 responses to “Rebus

  1. Gloria McQueen Stockstill

    Great entry!! Sooo creative.

  2. Sherri Crawford

    Catherine, this was delightful! How in the world did you do that? I’ve been trying to figure out how show a rebus on my blog. No clue . Very well done!
    A picture is worth a thousand words.
    Love, Sherri

  3. marilyn donahue

    Catherine, that was so much fun to read! I’ve never been able to sell a rebus. Maybe I’ll give it another try!

  4. Catherine L. Osornio

    Marilyn, believe it or not, I sold the first and only rebus I ever wrote. That was two months ago. I had been playing with the idea of writing one for a few months before, and even got some samples from Nancy. I finally took a story that had been rejected by a children’s magazine and made it into a rebus. I heard back within a month that they wanted the rebus and would send out a contract. If I can do it, I know you can, too!

  5. Catherine L. Osornio

    Sherri, it was a bit complicated to figure out. What I finally did was to take my final work from Publisher and convert the image to a jpeg file. I could then download it into WordPress as an image.

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