Secular vs. Christian Children’s Magazines

Some people think a Christian writer should write only for Christian markets. I have no argument if someone chooses to follow that path. Personally, I feel we need Christian writers in the secular marketplace.

In secular markets, you will not usually be able to share your faith in the forceful way you can in Christian markets. You CAN teach Christian values such as honesty, kindness, compassion, and love. How our children need these values! How awesome that YOU could be used to instill those values in the child of today!

So, why not try your hand at the secular market as well as the Christian market? God can use your giftedness to teach children His ways of dealing with situations even if they don’t realize they are His ways!

Be salt in the world!

Contributed by Gloria McQueen Stockstill



2 responses to “Secular vs. Christian Children’s Magazines

  1. Sherri Crawford

    Yes! I completely agree with you. Today, those values seem to be sorely lacking in many children. Some secular magazines subtly weave in those values you mentioned.
    You don’t have to be preachy
    to write something fun and teachy. (o:
    Love, Sherri

  2. gloriastockstill

    You are very gifted in doing the very thing I mentioned!


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