I Know Better, Don’t I?

After having two articles accepted by a popular children’s magazine, I thought I could take a step up for the third article for the same magazine. Instead of what I consider a dry, documentary style the magazine often uses, I thought up a unique presentation that I was sure middle-grade kids (those from eight to twelve years) would find more interesting.

The editors had given me a go-ahead from my query, and I worked on my article and submitted it. After the usual wait the editor replied with an acceptance. However, a major rewrite was needed. The material was fine, but they wanted it presented in a factual, documentary style. No unique presentations, please, just the facts.

OK, so I neglected to obey one of those important steps of following the magazine’s format as you have already been instructed to do in earlier suggestions on this blog site by other authors. I’m fortunate that the editor gave me another chance and was patient with me. And that is one of the benefits of establishing a relationship with an editor. The first time around I’m sure he would have given me a quick rejection.

If you’re called on to rewrite a story or article, don’t feel discouraged. My first article for the same magazine took three rewrites before they were satisfied as they changed their minds on formats. Besides their realization they could depend on me, it gave me more experience with writing an article in different ways. Both pluses in our writing life.

-Contributed by Shirley Shibley


3 responses to “I Know Better, Don’t I?

  1. Sherri Crawford

    Hey, Shirley! I really LIKED your unique approach. I read it during one of our meetings. It made the Bible come “alive.” Sometimes an authors suggestions can trigger a GOOD change in a magazine. Since you’ve written for them before, and they know your work, I think it was FINE for you to experiment a bit. That really wouldn’t be wise for a writer to do with a first submission. You have a foot in the door with that magazine and they know you’re dependable and flexible. Don’t be too hard on yourself (o:
    Love you,

  2. I always am encouraged when they still want the piece even though a rewrite is required. At least you have a foot in the door! That’s a huge blessing.

  3. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, I’m sure your good writing made them want to work with you on the article. They know a good thing when they read it!!


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