Start With Non-Fiction

Many beginning writers for children want to start out with those marvelous fiction stories that all kids will love. Of course trying to get editors to pick your selection out of their enormous slush pile is easier said than done, especially since there are countless other children’s writers with the same idea.


So how do you make your dream of being published in a children’s magazine a reality? Write non-fiction.


My first published children’s article was a non-fiction piece about the Cedars of Lebanon for Learning Through History magazine. There had been a lack of interest for my fiction stories in several markets I had submitted to. When I saw an opportunity to write a creative non-fiction story about these great trees, I jumped at the chance. And it paid off. My article came out in the Summer of 2007.


Since then I have written four other magazine pieces: two non-fiction, one historical fiction, and one rebus for Clubhouse Jr. magazine.


Don’t let those rejection letters for your fiction stories get you down. Try non-fiction first. It may open the door for some bigger and better projects that will bring you publishing credits, editor contacts, and perhaps some money in your pocket as well.

Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


3 responses to “Start With Non-Fiction

  1. gloriastockstill

    Good advice for all of us, Catherine. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Catherine! This is helpful advice. It’s probably a very satisfying feeling too, while one is waiting for the “big” break.
    :o) Veronica

  3. Sherri Crawford

    Catherine, this is advice every children’s writer should heed. The door is wide open for non-fiction and it’s so rewarding!
    Love, Sherri

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