Writer Unblocked

Writer’s block–everyone has heard of it. Presumably every writer sometimes runs into the brick wall of a frozen brain. The premise is that we key along in zoom form, our creative juices swirling and pouring out in luscious words and phrases. Then, without warning, smack! The brick wall, the solid glass door, a cave-in at the end of the tunnel right when we think we’re seeing the splendid finish of our manuscript. Our words have gone on vacation and our fingers refuse to obey our direction. The dread writer-block-monster has struck again!

I congratulate myself on usually having two or three manuscripts going at the same time, so if I get bogged down in one I can fly right off to another–no problem. If my feet begin to twitch and I drift away from the computer, it’s not because of a block, merely a touch of spring fever. When it’s not spring, it’s a case of “have to’s” in the house or garden or grocery store. Of course I’d rather be writing.

OK, I’ll be truthful. There are times I go into a brain-freeze too. Those thoughts, words, paragraphs, even a whole article just won’t come together like obedient puzzle pieces should. And then–oh joy–it’s time for our critique group to meet. A suggestion here, new point there, and general encouragement everywhere. Hey, the story or article wasn’t as bad as I thought it was! I can hardly wait to get back to my computer and plug in all those good ideas. Brick walls have been pushed over, the glass door opened, and the light has returned to the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, Wordsmiths. You’ve done it again!

Contributed by Shirley Shibley


3 responses to “Writer Unblocked

  1. Sherri Crawford

    Shirley, I’ve been in that same tunnel cave in with you! I’ve had a frozen brain, hit the brick wall and glass door. Boy, do you have a way with words!
    And you’re right—Wordsmiths helps us climb out of that mess and even thaws out our brain.
    This is a wonderful post! So imaginative. Your brain was definitely thawed out. Great job, Shirley!
    Love you, Sherri

  2. gloriastockstill

    Shirley, you may get writer’s block but when you do write those words on paper, they are really powerful! So glad you are part of our group!!

  3. Hi Shirley! I love your writing. It’s very graceful. Probably because you take your brain freezes gracefully.

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