Featured Interview: April Robins

Meet April Robins!

E-mail: april.robins@yahoo.com

Web site: www.robinfalls.com

Bio:  The peaceful setting of my farm in the Red River Valley often inspires me to paint my countryside in words. I am an honors graduate from Texas A&M University with a BS in Computer Science and a Minor in English. After years of working on software projects related to the welfare of children, I retired and pursued my love of writing children’s books. I am married. My husband, of 40 years, and I have two grown children and four grandchildren. I write with family members for our company, Robin Falls Children’s Stories. I am the author of all our stories. I write the initial story. My husband, daughter, and daughter-in-law then edit my story and insert their vision. My husband has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and my daughter has a degree in Elementary Education. I feel blessed to have my family’s insight and creativity added to the stories.

Our eight published books are family oriented, targeted for ages 2 to 10. They tell a story that is easy for a beginning reader to read, yet leaves them with a sense of accomplishment. Many include grandparents, as well as parents. None give a lecture but all have happy endings. Our books are loaded with colorful illustrations and are just simply fun to read. Also, we have started to translate some of our books into Spanish.

Please visit our website at www.robinfalls.com to learn more about us, our books, get free coloring pages, gain writing tips, or just drop us a “Chirp” at our contact us page.  Everyone is welcome at Robin Falls.


Q: You are trying to put together a group of Texas authors. Tell us about that.
A: Actually, I am just the “author gather” you might say.  I was asked by a friend, Pat Anderson of Texas Overlooked Books, to get a list together of my Texas Author friends who might be interested in networking with a new group.  I understood that this group would share Texas Book Event information.  We would discuss sharing cost of booths at large expensive events such as the Texas Book Fair in Austin and TLA conferences.  Basically keep each other informed.  I have already forwarded all the e-mail responses over the Pat.  He will now take over and explain the “how to’s” to everyone.  This should be a great group.  Pat already has a number of Texas Author contacts who will want to be involved, and I had great response from my inquiries.

Q: What has been your biggest challeng for this project?
A: My biggest challenge was in how to determine if you are a Texas Author.  Does that mean that you live in Texas, wrote a book about Texas, wrote the book when you lived in Texas, have relatives that live in Texas, etc.  I finally decided to accept anyone who was interested and let Mr. Anderson sift through the e-mails.  After all, if you live in Louisiana and want to share a booth cost at a Texas event; why not?  I did not want to leave anyone out that wanted to network.

Q: How has this experience benefitted you personally from networking with other authors?
A: I am always amazed at how giving the writing community is. Seasoned authors take the time to explain the trade to starting writers. I would say that I benefited once again in seeing a great response of writers wanting to help writers. I have learned that when you help another writer, you only help yourself.

Q: Share a tip about what to do to get the most out of attending a booksigning event.
A:  I have only had three booksigning events, and they have all been just me in local, small town stores.  I have to be honest and say that I did not really enjoy the events, so I viewed them as training.  The bookstores did not organize the readings, and I felt as if I was pushing my books off on customers as they entered the front door.  I did ask for help from my local author friends, and I really enjoyed their sharing their views.  Mainly, they said that they did not like sitting at a table either; but they loved discussing their books.  I guess I hoped for the same setting that I had at a local elementary school when I read one of my books to a kindergarten class.  They sat quietly in front of me, all eyes were on the book, and everyone said they liked it.  So you might say that I am not the right person to answer this question as of yet.  One of the best pieces of advice I got from my local author friends was to have a great table presentation and a big smile.  Also, a author friend who writes about dog care said her call out was, “May I sign a book for your cat or your dog…or you, if they don’t read?”  Oh, I wish I could use that one.  I have approached my family members in dressing as robins, but I have no takers.  You see I am still trying.  I really look forward to the three large events coming up soon in Dallas where I will participate with other authors.  Please ask me this question again in a year.  I bet I will be full of advice.



One response to “Featured Interview: April Robins

  1. I want to thank Wordsmiths for giving me an interview. I would like to give everyone an update. I just got back from a wonderful time at the TLA2008. I am now more determined than ever to see to it that I do my part to promote a networking group of Texas and (now) Oklahoma authors. Give me a Chirp at my website if you are interested in the group.


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