Welcome To Wordsmiths!

We are a group of eight Christian women who are serious about using our God-given gift of words to educate, inspire, and entertain children throughout the world.

Each week the members of this critique group will contribute posts meant to encourage, instruct, advise, and awaken you to be all that God has called you to be as a writer. Learn more about each one of us in Meet Our Members. Feel free to peruse the other pages for tips, editor’s needs, inspiration, and other great resources we would like to share with you.

Each month will have its own unique topic. This month we will focus on Critique Groups.

A critique group, for those unaware, is a group who gathers together on a regular basis to read over one another’s writing projects and offer helpful and constructive criticisms in a positive way. The purpose is to help develop the members into better writers and to learn how to effectively market what the members produce. In today’s day and age some groups meet online. In our group, we look forward to our monthly meetings where we can interact face to face with hugs, laughter, and an exchange of ideas.

I love our Wordsmiths group. The ladies are extremely loving and supportive. I always walk away feeling so blessed that God opened up such a wonderful group for me to belong to.

Come back often and check out our daily posts. Feel free to comment. If there is a topic you’d like us to discuss in the future, send us a note in the Contact Us section.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back again!


Contributed by Catherine L. Osornio


5 responses to “Welcome To Wordsmiths!

  1. GREAT first post, Catherine! You described our group perfectly. I’m looking forward to reading each person’s post every day. Thanks to you and Nancy for all the hard work you did setting this up. I know it will be so worthwhile.

  2. I agree, Marge–what a wonderful post to launch our brand new blog. Thanks, Catherine!

  3. gloriastockstill

    Catherine, good start to our great adventure!

  4. Catherine L. Osornio

    I’m really looking forward to this great adventure!

  5. Sherri Crawford

    Yes, Catherine–how right you are. Encourage, inspire, advise and awaken! What an adventure!

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